Welcome To Our ZStore!

For Z-Store Merchandise (including beads, buttons, Z-fabric, jewelry, t-shirts, etc), join us at any Happy Hour or Parade! Check out the Facebook page for information on dates and times.

Create your own Zingaro Apparel:

We have a choice of three of our custom logos that are on file with the below establishments:

(Plain Red Z, Beaded Z and Krewe of Zingaro)

1)    For on-line purchases of quality apparel or other merchandise go to  www.threadlogic.com and upon checkout, simply request your preferred logo above within the comments section.


2)     For local purchases of apparel or merchandise go to Teamwork at 2403 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa FL. 33629 and request your preferred logo with the sales associate.  www.teamworksportswear.com

For more information about merchandise and Z-Swag, contact treasurer@zingaro.org.